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Why BPM?

Beats per minute is more than just a reflection of your heart rate. Beats Per Minute is also a statement on how we value time. Given how busy our lives can often become, we at BPM focus our medical expertise and innovation in novel technological advances so our clients do not have to waste time in a busy office.

We understand that choosing a doctor to look after your health is an important personal decision, so we summarised what makes us different and why you should give us the privlidge to be your healthcare provider.

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Video: Dr Levenstadt appears on ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’

Around five years ago, Dr. Levenstadt appeared on the Agenda with Steve Paikin. Whilst this video is targeted at medical students, Dr. Levenstadt gives insights into why he chose Family Medicine as well as his experiences since choosing this path.

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Experiences in Emergency

The following formed part of my application for emergency residency, which placed me in an environment where I learned many important lessons I still carry with me today.

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Why I Practice Medicine- Dr. Jeremy Levenstadt

This article formed part of my medical school application over a decade ago…

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