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Weight Loss

Utilizing the latest research, Dr. Levenstadt and our staff of dedicated health professionals work with you one-on-one, 24/7, to guide you using the most effective methods of weight management. Our program is a three-pronged approach that targets immediate weight loss and long- term maintenance.  Weight Loss One is the amalgamation of research from a team of health care professionals. Designed after years of careful study of peer-reviewed literature that looked not only at how individuals lost their weight, but also the psychological behaviours of how they kept it off for five years or more.

Weight Loss One integrates a dietitian, a registered psychotherapist and a medical doctor in order to help patients achieve a target weight and maintain the weight loss over time in a healthy fashion. Weight Loss One is a comprehensive program that does not end until you are satisfied with your healthiest self.

We integrate the latest evidence-based medicines and combine it with a comprehensive follow up approach in a three-step program lasting for at least 12 months. Our program has been proven to help patients not just lose the weight, but maintain their target body weight.

We don’t believe in “ideal” weights or simple measurements like body fat percentages at BPM Instead we focus on “health and rejuvenation,” which is whatever weight you reach living the healthiest life you can honestly and realistically enjoy. we believe you need to actually like the life you’re living while you’re losing the weight or else you’re never going to keep it off. Simply put, there comes a point when a person can’t happily eat less and can’t happily exercise more and your weight living that life is what we call your healthiest self.

Over the course of our three-phased program you’ll learn how to use food to control it, rather than letting it control you. You’ll learn to shut down your most powerful cravings, make friends with the dauntingscale, to indulge in previously forbidden foods, and that exercise isn’t about how many calories you burn, but rather how much fun you can have burning them. Most importantly you’ll learn that successful weight management isn’t about suffering, but about organization and thinking

Since opening in 2017, BPM Medical has helped hundreds of patients with their weight struggles. While we still follow many of the same principles from when we first opened our doors, our program is constantly improving as new research provides more and more insight into the struggles of this complex disease. What remains constant is that for each individual we provide tailored and scientifically derived solutions, one-on-one, to help you discover your Healthiest Self!

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    Our founding physician- Dr Jeremy Levenstadt

    Our founding physician, Dr. Jeremy Levenstadt spent his undergraduate career studying psychology and pharmacology at McGill University. Graduating in 2006 with distinction, he had the privilege of publishing his undergraduate thesis on empathy in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

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    Why BPM?

    Beats per minute is more than just a reflection of your heart rate. Beats Per Minute is also a statement on how we value time. Given how busy our lives can often become, we at BPM focus our medical expertise and innovation in novel technological advances so our clients do not have to waste time in a busy office.

    We understand that choosing a doctor to look after your health is an important personal decision, so we summarised what makes us different and why you should give us the privlidge to be your healthcare provider.

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    Video: Dr Levenstadt appears on ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’

    Around five years ago, Dr. Levenstadt appeared on the Agenda with Steve Paikin. Whilst this video is targeted at medical students, Dr. Levenstadt gives insights into why he chose Family Medicine as well as his experiences since choosing this path.

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    Clinical Experiences – Oliver

    Early in my first year of clerkship, I assisted in the delivery of a baby named Oliver. There was nothing particularly remarkable about Oliver’s delivery and his APGAR scores at one and five minutes were both normal. Mom and Dad were thrilled to welcome Oliver into their lives, and before long the new parents happily returned home. By this time, I was nearly done my rotation in Obstetrics and Gynecology and soon moved on to Paediatrics.

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    Experiences in Emergency

    The following formed part of my application for emergency residency, which placed me in an environment where I learned many important lessons I still carry with me today.

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    Why I Practice Medicine- Dr. Jeremy Levenstadt

    This article formed part of my medical school application over a decade ago…

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    Family Doctor

    Our distinctive approach to patient care is designed to pick up where other health clinics leave off. We recognize that the needs of patients have changed and we are adapting to provide customized care to individuals.

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    Preventative Care

    AT BPM we have designed a preventative care strategy that focuses on the following determinants of health care

    Our services include:

    • Discussion of health care prevention and lifestyle with a detailed risk assessment
    • Comprehensive review of family and personal health history, current medical and health concerns, medications, and integrative health strategy
    • A thorough “Head to Toe” physical exam completed by two independent health care practitioners, including a full dermatological assessment
    • Full cardiac and respiratory assessment with pulmonary function testing
    • Immunization update
    • Wellness counselling and creating a personalized health action plan
    • Ordering all appropriate preventative tests and investigations (blood work) for current health conditions
    • Fitness assessment (optional) – customizes a weight loss program specifically tailored to the individual
    • Mental Health assessments
    • Cancer screening
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    Third Party Health

    Periodically, you may be asked to complete a form for an employer or any third party such as:

    • Driver examination for the SAAQ
    • Driver examination for the Ministry of transportation
    • Certification of “good health”
    • Pre-employment examination
    • Pension “buyback” examination
    • Competitive sports examination (MMA or boxing)
    • Summer programs
    • Travel abroad program or Fitness to travel
    • Visa or immigration examinations
    • RCMP / OPP examinations
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