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BPM Medical was founded on the principle of excellent client-centered care supported by an unwavering commitment to preventative medicine.

At BPM, we understand that it can be a sometimes frustrating and difficult experience accessing healthcare for Quebec patients. That’s why BPM welcomes Quebec patients and assists in explaining the process of visiting an out of province doctor. Feel free to give us a call for more information, or read the full article where we address some common questions from Quebec Patients

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Why should I come to BPM instead of going to a walk in clinic?

BPM Medical is a team of dedicated health care practitioners, designed for individuals, families and corporations who are looking for a personal, on-call, dedicated physician anytime, anywhere. Our team acknowledges the various needs of different clients and customizes your appointments to best suit those needs.

Healthcare has never been this accessible- with a team that will guide you every step of the way to ensure personalized, optimal care for you and your family BPM acts as the trusting connection throughout all of your health-care concerns. Don’t worry about trying to find parking close to the clinic, we have onsite parking at Minto Place.

How much will seeing an out of province Doctor cost me?

You might be wondering, “How will I pay for services as an out of province patient?” If you do not carry a valid OHIP card, the cost of seeing a doctor depends on the reason (and sometimes length) of your visit. Fees are determined depending on the type of visit that you are requesting on a case by case basis. The fee schedule at BPM Medical adheres to the guidelines that are set out by the Ontario Medical Association. At BPM, our basic assessments start at $75 for out of province patients.

How do I get reimbursed from RAMQ?

RAMQ does not reimburse 100% of the fees associated with seeing an out of province physician; however, depending on your insurance provider, you may additional coverage if you also submit your invoice to your insurance provider. In order to get reimbursed you will need your receipt from BPM and an out of province claim form. We will provide you with all of the appropriate documentation wit clear instructions on how to get reimbursement before you leave our clinic.

Wait times at walk in clinics can be frustrating- will it be the same at BPM?

At BPM Medical we respect your time – no more missed plans due to sitting in waiting rooms for hours on end. We are an appointment-based clinic and endeavor to provide you with a time efficient experience and a minimal wait time to see our doctors. You will feel right at home with our welcoming and inviting facilities, BPM offers comfortable a space that is designed to make you feel right at home.  We also offer complimentary WiFi access and coffee with your visit.

What about follow up? Travelling to Ottawa all the time can be a pain.

Don’t worry about having to go to the clinic to get prescription renewals, lab tests, requisitions or referrals. With BPM, we offer Remote Care On-Demand services that allow you to make one less trip. For certain medical conditions, BPM utilizes “Akira MD” a PHIPA compliant mobile application tool so you do not need to visit a clinic or pharmacy to get medication. Have the comfort of staying home instead of having to go to the doctor- we can bring the doctor right to your smartphone! Please ask us which service is right for you!

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